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News article30 March 2023Directorate-General for Energy

The story of EEFIG from before its convening to its future legacy

To celebrate EEFIG’s 10th anniversary we went back in time to the present and future, to understand the immense importance of the Working Groups and the impact EEFIG’s work has had on the Energy Efficiency agenda.

EEFIG during 10 years article

On the importance of people and processes

We sat Peter Sweatman down for an interview to get a perspective on the importance of Working Groups and EEFIG members over the last 10 years. This article is our tribute to all EEFIG members for their accomplishments and hard work.

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How we picked up the fruit of energy efficiency

Again, we let Peter Sweatman summarize the highlights from the last 10 years of working with energy efficiency financing in EEFIG, what EEFIG is currently doing and what we can expect of the area in the future. This article tells the story of EEFIG from before its convening to its future legacy.

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Publication date
30 March 2023
Directorate-General for Energy