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Sajtócikk2023. június 20.Directorate-General for Energy

New booklet: A decade of achievements

We celebrate a decade of achievements and accomplishments. From the formal launch of EEFIG in 2013, the release of the EEFIG landmark report in 2015, the DEEP database and Underwriting Toolkit, to releasing eight working groups reports researched and written by selected expert groups.

2023 not only marks 10 years of working towards and accomplishing energy efficiency financing but also the conclusion of EEFIG as we know it. EEFIG has fully identified and documented the key issues driving and preventing energy efficiency investments, it has produced tools to support investors and financial institutions identify and put energy efficiency first, and it has fully answered the key questions about the role of and potential for financial institutions in energy efficiency.

EEFIG uncovered the power of cooperation between policy making and financial institutions on energy efficiency and its achievements are just the starting point for important work to come.

Learn all about EEFIG’s legacy in our EEFIG 10 years booklet


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2023. június 20.
Directorate-General for Energy