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News article5 July 2021

Launch of UNEP FI Real Estate Impact Analysis Tool

The Real Estate Impact Analysis Tool was developed by UNEP FI to enable financial institutions to identify and assess the positive and negative impacts associated with their real estate investments and portfolios. Building on UNEP FI Positive Impact Real Estate Investment Framework and based on the 22 impact areas of the UNEP FI Impact Radar. This new tools will allow for single asset as well as portfolio level analysis and will be applicable for new developments and exiting assets. 

The methodology was derived from UNEP FI’s unique holistic approach to impact and the SDGs, as developed by its Positive Impact Initiative (PII), as such it is aligned with the Principles for Positive Impact Finance. The Tool’s in-built resources, are based on internationally recognised standards from within and beyond the UN System.


Publication date
5 July 2021