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A decade of achievement
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New booklet: A decade of achievements

We celebrate a decade of achievements and accomplishments. From the formal launch of EEFIG in 2013, the release of the EEFIG landmark report in 2015, the DEEP database and Underwriting Toolkit, to releasing eight working groups reports researched and written by selected expert groups.

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EEFIG Industry: Decarbonising energy intensive sectors

The EEFIG Working Group on Energy Efficiency in Industry is taking stock of the energy-intensive industrial sector in order to identify and assess the obstacles, drivers and best practice for increasing the energy efficiency investments.

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Are Energy Efficient Borrowers Less Risky?

The EEFIG Working Group on Risk Assessment is focusing on the quantitative relationship between energy efficiency improvements and lower probability of default of associated loans and the increased value of the underlying assets

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Launch of UNEP FI Real Estate Impact Analysis Tool

The Real Estate Impact Analysis Tool was developed was developed by UNEP FI to enable financial institutions to identify and assess the positive and negative impacts associated with their real estate investments and portfolios.

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EEFIG’s 2021 Plenary

The annual plenary meeting 2021 took place on 9-10 February. It was a novelty in two aspects: being held virtually and open to the public. High level

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Save the dates

EEFIG is participating with a session at the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum - Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place and EUSEW

EEFIG Plenary Meeting
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EEFIG Plenary meeting 2021

  • Tuesday 9 February 2021, 09:00 - Wednesday 10 February 2021, 13:00 (CET)
  • Live streaming available
EU Taxonomy
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Update on Taxonomy and Tagging

The Taxonomy and Tagging EEFIG Working Group provided a useful additional point of contact between practitioners,both in finance and energy efficiency

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